I Love You,
You’re Perfect,
Now Change


Featured Artists

Shannyn Fourie, Niall Griffin, Candice van Litsenborgh, Adam du Plessis & Roland Perold



Paul Griffiths


Musical Director

Kurt Haupt & Roland Perold



Roelof Swart



Niall Griffin

From the thrill and terror of the first date, to finding someone to grow old with. Roland’s staging of this popular Off-Broadway musical garnered a Standard Bank Ovation award and enjoyed packed houses at various theatres. Roland produced, musically directed, and later starred.


Everything you have ever secretly thought about dating, romance, marriage, lovers, husbands, wives and in-laws (but were afraid to admit) is presented in this collection of hilarious scenarios depicting the age old ritual of the suburban mating game.

You’ve been there – you’ve done it – here’s the musical!

From the thrill and terror of the first date, to the sacred kiss and wedded bliss. From the reality of kids coming and going, to finding someone to grow old with – “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” has audiences a tapping their feet along with numbers like: “Single Man Drought”, “He Called Me”, “Always a Bridesmaid”, “Marriage Tango” and “Waiting”.

The first cast featured Adam du Plessis, Niall Griffin, Shannyn Fourie and Candice van Litsenborgh. During a second and third run Roland moved out from behind the keys to replace Adam du Plessis. Sought after musical director and vocal coach Kurt Haupt took over as pianist.

Direction was by Paul Griffiths, musical direction by Roland Perold and design by Niall Griffin. This production played The Masque Theatre, Kalk Bay Theatre, and embarked on a national tour to The National Arts Festival.

Roland also reprised the role of Jordan in Kickstarts’s production of the same musical starring alongside: Steven Stead, Lisa Bobbert and Jessica Sole.

“The cast tackles the variety of characters with aplomb.”

Cape Times (Terri Dunbar-Curran)

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