The Musical



Paul Griffiths


Musical Director

Roland Perold


Book & Music

Roland Perold
& Paul Griffiths

Tweet! Is that cyber connection worth it? This wacky musical marked The Waterfront Theatre School’s debut appearance at the South African National Arts Festival. It featured music and lyrics by Roland Perold, with dramaturgy by Paul Griffiths. The production showcased final year students from the college.


Have you noticed recently, when sitting amongst a crowd of people, how many of them are on their phones? If not speaking, then texting?

Many of us marvel that we live in an age of instant contact.  We celebrate how connected we are, how in touch we have become!  But is it not true to say that whilst we sit in a crowded room – engaging with our private technology – we have disconnected from people around us? “Tweet” the musical explores cyber-connection versus real-connection and seeks to find the balance! So, ditch that lifeline connection to social media for a few minutes to enjoy this entertaining, fresh new musical. Status updates after the show… highly recommended!

After a sellout run at the National Arts Festival, Tweet was invited to the “Fresh from Fest” festival at UCT Hidding Campus upon returning to Cape Town. The cast included: Rebecca Hartle, Maryanne van Eyssen, Cathleen Shields, Francis Roberts, Mikahil Jones, Kyle Jardin and Terence Makapan as swing. Set and poster design by Deon Bischoff. Special thanks to Delia Sainsbury and Mary Martin.

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