The Last Note



Germandt Geldenhuys, Godfrey Johnson, Delray Burns & Roland Perold


Book & Music

Roland Perold



Cheri-Lee Blackie


Jacques-Francois du Toit

The Last Note is an original musical which tells the story of Alexander; a concert pianist who disappears after a big public embarrassment. The piece was Roland’s final submission for his Masters Degree at Bath Spa University where it premiered and later traveled to Cape Town and The National Arts Festival.


Alexander is a concert pianist gone AWOL! An unhappy man, Alexander is at breaking point and disappears off the grid after fluffing the opening of the Grieg A Minor Piano Concerto in front of a packed auditorium. Three days later Alexander wakes up in the middle of the desert with no recollection of how he got there or where his clothes are. Exciting times await as he meets his new buddy Julio, a local busker, and a high flying artists’ agent called Janet. Could this mean a fresh start for Alexander in a new country?

Skillfully directed by Cheri-Lee Blackie the musical features live action from Perold who interacts via video multimedia with other characters played by Godfrey Johnson, Delray Burns and Germandt Geldenhuys.

“The Last Note” was Perold’s second original musical and final project for the M.Mus. The piece was well received and lead to a distinction the degree.

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